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Deliver goods means and cost are led
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1 express company is given only
Express company is given only, suffer each country law to protect, enjoy shipping and lien of custom customs examination, it is the rapiddest, professional work of the safest express special type.
If you are in company of express of the choice when ordering to give deliver goods way only, arrive in your money after account, we affirm to will be after money of full specified amount inside a weekday, give means to send a goods only with express company.
Do not explain especially:
Because need shopper to undertake sign after receiving sth, do not regard deliver goods as the address p.o. box please so.
If the deliver goods address in order is unit address, encounter double cease day or postpone of time of holiday deliver goods, domestic address does not suffer this effect.
Express arrival time is with local service accurate. If produce force majeure ingredient,our company do not make loss compensation. Express cost is commonly 10 yuan () of Jiang Zhehu of 1kg less than. The whole nation rises 15 yuan. Inquiry lands please: Send urgently curtilage, arrange abundant express delivery, explain know express delivery.

Steam of 2 freight company carries
Predominent goods (weight exceeds 10 kilograms, or several exceed 1) deliver goods by company of freight market freight (certain zone can take the place of receive) of payment for goods. Expend to Fu Yun (after goods arrives at you to be in a city, freight company can inform to engaging the load goes before you, and collection your freight, normally 15 yuan / ) . Proposal consignee address is written detailed, can deliver goods you are in area (county of certain villages and towns cannot arrive at) .
If you select the deliver goods kind that general accessible by postal communication sends,3 general accessible by postal communication is sent, in you money arrives after account, after we affirm money of full specified amount, will be in 1-2 inside weekday, give out kinds or types of goods with the means of registration or wrap up.
Do not explain especially: Mail arrival time is with local postal service accurate. If produce force majeure ingredient,our company do not make loss compensation.
Note: Postage = (the registration postage material that pack packs cost) inquire mail endowment expends: Home of net of business affairs of Chinese postal electron laps endowment cost is calculated

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