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Carriage specification
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Carriage district
You are in where personally no matter, want to receive goods ground accessible by postal communication only, can enjoy the service of Cheng grand science and technology.

2 carriage time estimate
All normal processing time that list in our company and deliver goods time are the number that estimation reachs, we can make carry time actually to be as far as possible the shortest.

The computation of 3 transport costs
If you buy many goods and fall to be ordered in a piece in sheet, we will calculate a piece to order odd transport costs only; And if you issued many order at the same time, we will be calculated respectively according to the transport costs of each order. (when because this our proposal client is in,shopping, the goods that will want to buy is put on a piece of order) .
What need a specification additionally is, carrying moment is with goods weight undertakes charge is calculated commonly, accordingly our company are in the computation of transport costs, we did corresponding conversion (estimation) . We carried the respect such as channel to become careful consideration in the choice, can endeavor to be in assure shipping mass while the transport costs that keeps inferior, thereby the maintenance of utmost client interest.

4 holiday carry a specification
The carriage postpone of holiday

5 arrive time
Of the goods that you buy arrive time depends on the following element:
Arrive time = arrives + of time of delivery of cargo from storage of commodity of money time + delivers goods in road time

6 mail to money time country: 3 days are commonly below normal circumstance (electronic remittance)
The bank on the net: It is commonly below normal circumstance 1, 2 days
Bank remit money: It is commonly below normal circumstance 2, 3 days

Time of 7 commodity delivery of cargo from storage 1, 3 days

8 deliver goods in road time
Domestic steam carries: 3, 7 days
Mail: 2-10 day is commonly below normal circumstance (because of post-office deliver circumstance different)
Express delivery: It is commonly below normal circumstance 2 - 5 days (because of fast give company deliver and different)

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