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Fair of things of aquatic animals of pet of the 3rd 2008 China International
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Fair of things of aquatic animals of pet of the 3rd China International
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Time: On April 5, 2008 - 8 days of places: Store of Shanghai world trade (Yan'an on the west road 2299)

Sponsor an unit:
Association of Chinese pet things
China International commerce promotes branch of committee Shanghai Pudong
Branch of Pudong of Shanghai of China International chamber of commerce
Exhibition of Hong Kong international engineers limited company
Undertake unit:
Shanghai exceeds power the exhibition serves limited company
Support media
Net of Chinese pet market conditions
China bestows favor on net of dispatch of goods and materials
Chinese pet is online net
Net of bunch of flowers pet water

Promote international of branch of committee Shanghai Pudong, Hong Kong to exhibit concoctive limited company to sponsor by commerce of association of Chinese pet things, China International, Shanghai exceeds power the 2nd when exhibition service limited company undertakes " China International pet and pet things Fair " got the United States is stationed in commerce of Shanghai consulate, Japan to revitalize orgnaization Shanghai on behalf of, postpone business with many 200, 26, many 800 come from the domestic and international person that look around, 12, the exhibition dimensions of 000 square metre is held at succeeding in Shanghai in March 2007. "China International pet and pet things Fair " it is important that with one action makes first pet of Chinese and pet things market industry brand grand meeting.
Companion develops quickly as Chinese economy, people living standard rises increasingly, pet becomes the closer and closer partner in people life gradually, from this ecbolic also pet and high speed of ground of pet things market develop. The expert predicts, before 2008 the sale deciding a value of Chinese pet and pet things market will exceed -613125120 yuan of RMBs, reach period of its at the height of power and splendour thereby, form favorable management environment.
Fair of things of aquatic animals of pet of the 3rd China International will be participated in with enterprise of many 300 brand, 16, of 000 square metre showpiece area, reveal Fair whole dimensions. Reach pet things market to promote our country pet further can healthy and orderly development, develop global market to offer good opportunity for pet and things enterprise, the trading that also offers to show new client of company image, propaganda paterial card, contact for vast enterprise platform, on April 5, 2008, come from the whole world of 10 many countries and area famous postpone business, purchase business to get together again China International pet and pet things Fair.
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