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Beijing loves to fill Yue pet hairdressing to groom central recruit students
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-- national pet industry is in short supply the talent fosters pet " beautician, direct hand and example dog division " talent, loving Cheng Yue is your best choice! ! !
2006, 1.2 million graduate job does not have assured source, 2007, 4.95 million graduate is about to be on a society! Obtain employment situation is grim today, professional choice is attached most importance to especially should! Learn burgeoning major first, risk of obtain employment of early avoid of obtain employment class, race to control is new and high position. Chinese pet industry, future will be badly in need of the professional of 200 thousand 3 years, at present monthly pay level is achieved generally 3000 - 8000 yuan, vacant rate exceeds position of industry of Beijing area pet 40 % ! Numerous longing enters the friend of pet industry, however the passage that suffer from seeks less than entering.
Will love to fill Yue pet figure to design a center to call us to solve these problems for you now!
Pet beautician grooms
Let you acquire excellent technology, enter a school signs cent to cooperate to be the same as namely, obtain employment is led 100% , obtain C degree
Pet beautician card.
Every months 11 are mixed 28 begin school, hold this person Id and photocopy to sign up ahead of schedule.
One, pet beautician grooms entire old-type opera school
Love fills Yue pet beautician to groom center, develop the project that recruits pet hairdressing student external.
Beautician grooms the ministry is located in the throughout the country's biggest pet to trade the market -- Beijing loves dog of Si Da name to trade the market, canine estate market runs dog of numerous and high-grade name (beauty of summer of honoured guest, Xue Narui, York, rich, Beijing cling to, Xi Shi, Gu Mu, can get stuck, wool of stalk, more loose than ursine, fox-hunt lion, gold, on the west upland, . . . . . )
1, education mode uses theory and practice photograph band, key aggrandizement operates ability actually.
2, 毎 period makes sure student number control is in a certain quantity of, of teacher handgrip hand religion, solid grasp an opportunity much, assure to enough renown dog makes student actual operate. Education quality is high, education time has assure.
3, after student graduates, can finish the clip model of a variety of dogs independently.
4, for student unified arrangement lodges.
5, after graduation, you will have beautician of C class pet card.
6, commend the work freely. Cadre student demands exceeds supply.
7, offer for student set up shop from the technology, product, service that runs beautician allocation, free conduct propaganda, collaboration to begin the many sided such as management project.
8, achievement is outstanding person, this center can recommend match opportunity.
Our target is: Make every student can have the actual combat capacity that plays the game.
After the student that loves to fill Yue pet figure to design a center graduates, all have good from quality of course of study, wide the favour that gets pet industry.
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