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Get hurt owl enters the urban district by accident
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See there are a lot of large trees inside the park, ash forest 鸮 flew instantly, the result just stood on branch, be hurt because of the leg and prop up flabby, dropped. See there is a curassow inside the park, many coming round the citizen of amuse oneself also comes over to help, after trying finally a few times, ash forest 鸮 flew to be not moved eventually, only good gracious capture, inside the birdcage that is put into the park. Zhang Jia is unripe take out beef to feed it, at this moment, ash forest 鸮 did not fear, the beef since big impediment comes.

Zhang Jia is unripe say, from the point of cut, the injury of ash forest 鸮 is not serious, "It is adult, pass a few days to had been hurt, we put it put in mountain forest 's charge! We put it put in mountain forest 's charge!!

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