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No pet supplies market price of standard
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August 9 Wuhu reported high maintenance pet beauty news, which has aroused public concern. Recently, many people call the newspaper Wuhu News Hotline 0553-3838110 pet therapy reflects the high cost of medicines, some people still feel the high price of pet questions. The public through the newspaper, Mr. Zhang hotline told reporters that his family doctor at the hospital during the Doberman to do several tests and examination, closing after surgery, he was shocked, surgery and medical expenses actually spent nearly a million. Mr. Zhang said, the dog is a friend gave him a year ago, two months ago, the family found the dog's poor condition, anorexia Danian. So he went to the city, a portable pet dog hospital, in the finished X-ray, B extra fine a number of examination, the dog was diagnosed with viral infection, disease complex, required surgery, surgery costs up to 3000 dollars. Although costly, but in order to save the dog, Mr. Zhang agreed to the surgery or teeth. After surgery, the hospital and prescribed some anti-inflammatory injections, blood protein, nutrition, medicine and so on. "Pet therapy prices really so high? Drug quality is pass?" Mr. Zhang feel doubt. Recently, this reporter visited the hospital in Wuhu found some pet, pet medical care prices is indeed a lot of money, common cold and skin needs of small two or three hundred dollars in medical costs, before taking the drug should be given to pets to do various tests such as parvovirus, and each testing fees are nearly hundred dollars. If the pet sick in need of surgery, a few thousand dollars on surgery is also very common. For such a high cost of pet therapy, a pet hospital staff explained that, at present, Wuhu City, pet health care consumer price level was mainly developed according to the city in the country can only be considered in fact lower middle. This reporter has learned, the pet hospital charges between the gaps also exist, such as intravenous injection, and some pet hospital is 15 yuan, some 20 yuan, while others are 25. Medical costs not only amazing, pet health articles for daily prices of the same staggering. Chan told reporters that members of the public, and now what pet is even more expensive than the one used in good pet generally requires one or two hundred or more, a wide variety of pet products are dazzled people pick. In the flower market, a pet supplies wholesale shop, the reporter learned that pet bath liquid normally takes three to four million, can be supple hair, brighten the coat of high-end shampoo to two hundred dollars. 350 g can of formula with the development of health care products intestines price 140 yuan, puppies use only about ten days. In addition, the pet food is dazzling, the price range. "Pet supplies purchase price is high, we sell you is no way." Shop owner frustration. So, what pet care and supplies the market with or without supervision? Wuhu City reporter consulted the relevant departments. Wuhu Municipal Price Bureau staff told reporters that health care for pets and their products, has not yet issued specific standards to regulate the price, but in a fully open phase, implementation subject to market regulation. Animal Husbandry Bureau in Wuhu City, the staff said, Wuhu City Pet Hospital, medical equipment and medical drugs are in line with appropriate standards. Currently, Wuhu City Pet Hospital is in a transition phase, beginning this year, the livestock sector will organize a professional veterinary exam.